• Portable Power Bank

    Portable Power Bank

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    Lumi Version 1 doesn't have a built-in battery (we're working on it for V2, don't worry!) so  in the meantime, this is what you need to power your big screen entertainment on-the-go.

    This isn't our own branded power bank, but it's what we recommend as it's affordably priced and meets the specification requirements to power Lumi remotely.

    • Big 42000mAh capacity (powers Lumi >2 hours)
    • AC outlet up to 150W (Lumi only needs 60W)
    • PD Type-C port provides 65W output & input
      • Use it as a mobile phone, tablet and laptop charger
    • Includes multiple USB ports & ability to power up to 7 devices at once

    You can grab it on Amazon here, or buy with us and we'll order it for you.

    Enjoy your travels!