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Your playfully portable, ultra-HD smart entertainment experience.

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Immerse your group

Grab your crew and start streaming, anywhere. Lumi is fully flexible, big-time entertainment that turns any wall into an ultra-HD movie theater. Project 5000 Lumens light up to shine beautifully up to 200 inches.

Live on your terms

Lumi is built to go where you go. With its feather-like weight of 2.8 pounds, size similar to a thick book, and attached carry strap, Lumi is the ultimate portable entertainment experience that lets you live flexibly.

Brighten your rooms

Lumi is here to replace your home TVs. With its flexible placement and zoom lens scaling that projects HD screens in both light and dark environments, Lumi turns any room into a blockbuster experience.

Lumi packs a punch

Lumi is tailor-made for your adventurous lifestyle, but it's also fully loaded with high-quality hardware and premium product features that outdo your average flat-screen TV... for a fraction of the cost.

  • Built-in Smart TV OS

    Cutting-edge Android software loaded with the latest apps. Stream YouTube, binge Netflix, cast GoPro videos, play Spotify, and more.

  • Up to 200" 1080P HD Screen

    3.5 inch LCD lens that projects a punch of 5000 Lumens at 1080P HD onto any flat surface, with a screen size up to 200 inches.

  • 10W Surround Sound Subwoofers

    2x5W (10W total) high-efficiency speakers bring the bass and mimic a surround sound setup, dropping you right into the action.

  • Interoperable Ports to Plug in & Play

    HDMI input with 4K compatibility to plug in and play, USB input to link up external media and storage, audio output to ramp up the sound.

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