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    The 200" ultra-HD smart projector built for travel
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    Say hello to Lumi.

    Your playfully portable, ultra-HD entertainment portal to a brand new world.

    It's Powerful

    Lumi packs a punch of 1080P and 4K-compatible LED high-definition magic into a sleek, playful, portable package. With a brightness of 5000 Lumens and screen size up to 200 inches, it dwarfs your average flat-screen TV, and for a fraction of the cost.

    It's Smart

    Lumi is fully smart entertainment made to fit seamlessly into your digital world. It runs cutting-edge Android software loaded with the latest apps. Whether it's binging movie marathons, immersing in epic gaming nights, watching your day's adventure, building your DIY sports center, sharing family photos, or blasting Bluetooth tunes on-the-go, Lumi turns every moment into a blockbuster experience.

    It's Portable

    With its feather-like weight of 2.8 pounds, size similar to a thick book, and attached carry strap, Lumi is the ultimate portable entertainment experience that lets you live on your terms. Turn any flat surface into a big-screen theater. Live flexible, live easy.

    Start living with Lumi.

    Built to perform

    Small package. Big features.

    • Built-in Smart TV OS

    • Up to 200" 1080P HD Screen

    • 10W Surround Sound Subwoofers

    • Interoperable Ports to Plug in & Play

    Built to move

    Your adventure awaits.


      1. Lumi Smart Projector
      2. Infrared remote control
      3. Power adapter
    • 3.5 inch LCD

    • 58W white LED

    • 200 ANSI / 5000 Lumens

    • 10000:1

    • 1920x1080P (4K compatible)

    • 40-200 inch

    • 3-22 feet

    • 16:9

    • Adjustable lens zoom w/ electric motor focusing, keystone correction

    • Android 9.0

    • 32GB

    • AC100-240V built-in power board

    • 58W

    • BT 5.0 (supports external BT speaker, mouse, keyboard, etc.)

    • Dual 5G & 2.4G

    • AirPlay, MiraCast

    • 2x5W (total 10W) subwoofer surround sound speakers

    • Infrared remote control & 2.4G wireless remote support

    • HDMI 2.0 input | USB 2.0 input | 3.5mm audio output

    • 7.5" x 5" x 5.5"

    • 2.8 lbs